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All on X Implant

All on implant is to fill up all the missing teeth by means of dental implants, using high-density implants and all-ceramic crowns to make realistic dentures. The advantage is that the teeth are highly stable and can achieve a chewing ability close to that of real teeth. In addition, dental implants are invasive treatments. Although the current technology can achieve minimal invasiveness, it is not suitable for everyone. You should choose a professional clinic before surgery Carry out detailed pre-assessment and regular follow-up visits after surgery to ensure the recovery of the wound.

Losing all the teeth will result in sunken cheeks, reduced normal function of the lips, and progressively increased wrinkles around the corners of the mouth. Also, with the loss of teeth, the chewing function will drop sharply, which can induce indigestion and malnutrition. In the past, dentures were chosen in this situation, but with the development of dental implant technology, full-mouth dental implants with excellent chewing function and beautiful appearance have replaced the previous dentures.

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